Ahmed Roman


Mr. Roman is an architect & Urbanist. He has a bachelor's degree from Mansoura University and has enrolled in the strategic urban planning and policies master track at IHS Erasmus Rotterdam University for the 2021-2022 Cohort. He has professionally participated in various projects (Remapping Desmy Village, re-generation in front of Hammam Bashtak, Secon Nile towers ..etc), on other hand, he has been rewarded in International competitions (A Living Pedestrian Bridge Over The Nile - Al-Quds Competition 2019 - Thinking Hand Non-Profit Organization International Competition 2018).
Currently, He is a senior researcher at ESU-Lab working on the first stage of the (DeltaTU-Partnership ) project that aims to enhance the urban and social quality in the Egyptian Delta by using interdisciplinary urban technical solutions to solve the environmental and economic problems in urban.