Alaa Al-Khatib.

Architect & Urbanist

- I am Alaa Al-Khatib.
- Master in Cities Engineering and Sustainable Urban Development, from the Higher Institute of Regional Planning, a joint program between the University of Damascus and University of Paris East,Marne LaVallee.
- An architect, urban designer, and activist in the field of raising environmental awareness
- 12 years of experience in the field of design, implementation, supervision and urban conservation in Egypt and Syria.
- Interested in sustainable development, urban agriculture, building with traditional and local materials, urban renewal, rehabilitation, recycling, , and entrepreneurship in particular green leadership.
- Speaker in several meetings and events such as TEDxYouth on World Population Day.
- A winner of several local and international competitions, such as the Urban Design Award for Bab Touma Square (Old Damascus District) and Sketch for Syria Award (ESCWA and the University of Venice, Italy).
- A volunteer in many initiatives and events like Abu Simbel 50 in Egypt, and the week of Rammed earth in Syria to teach building with traditional materials.
- A participant in several architectural workshops such as the workshop of documenting Al-Midan neighborhood in Damascus, and workshop of building a vision for the city of Palmyra after liberation.