Farah Makki

Project Advisor in Intercultural Cooperation for Sustainable development EU-MED

Advocating for participatory culture in reducing the gaps in equality and sustainability, Farah is mediator for social life and space, action researcher and advisor contributing to places and cities where people can share and combine talents for problem-solving and participatory decision making regarding resilient living spaces in the Mediterranean context. Since 2013, she makes part of multi-stakeholders projects where urban placemaking and transversal fields of culture and education interact to inform local and cross-regional cooperation for inclusive development in the EU-Med context. Keen to collaborating with insightful organizations in active citizenship, Intercultural exchange, and participatory place/policy-making, Farah has a resolution to support impactful Mediterranean cooperation by intervening at multiple levels of project lifecycle management: implementation of community-based action research; design of methodologies and facilitation of participatory processes for Culture-led territorial planning and policymaking; support for funding proposal writing, logical framework/M&E external review (e.g. EU). By recognizing the complexity of societal issues, Farah ventures beyond the commonplace, and weights alternative ways to proceed, helping her collaborators to determine the best process and knowledge for achieving societal sustainable goals. She supports public, private, and civil society organizations in programming and implementing inclusive actions for sustainable social development and systemic change.