Mohamed Ouerghi

Consultant & Researcher
‭+216 20 731 931‬

 I am a Tunisian Consultant with a decade of experience in Regional Development and Urban Policies, recognized by the Worldwide Order of International Experts in Geneva. My advisory work has extended across municipalities and governmental bodies in Europe and the MENA regions. My specialization lies in project management, planning, and design, with a particular focus on "new urban public spaces for people."I've actively participated in significant projects, including the Institutional Study of Planning Sustainability/Digitalization for future Cities in the MENA Region (GEOTUNIS), Andragogical/Pedagogical Training on International Expertise and Sustainable Development (FNESP), and the facilitation of seminars on Municipal Practices and Sustainable Programming/HQE Tools (PREAU). My expertise is grounded in both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.Contributing to academic discourse, I've presented research at various conferences and published in reputable journals. I believe my knowledge and skills can be instrumental in advancing the goals of the Regional Climate and Energy Project in the MENA region, particularly in advocating for climate justice, equitable energy transition, and sustainable urban development.I am deeply passionate about sustainable urbanization and eagerly anticipate contributing my expertise to future projects of significance