Ohoud Kamal


Ohoud Kamal is an urbanist with particular interest in researching social groups as alternative planners, and its indication of unconventional forms of governance across cities of the global South. She has just finalized her PhD in urban planning at Newcastle University. Her dissertation explores temporary urban space in Amman, Jordan as a co-creation of everyday activism and state flexibility. She holds a BSc in Architecture from Jordan University of Science and Technology, and MArch in Urban Design from University College London. She has worked across different academic, research and design contexts. These include lecturing at the German Jordanian University, researching divergent urban experiences and working on various projects in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. She is currently an urban planning consultant. Her current collaboration is experimental and aim towards establishing for a community-based park in a migrant neighborhood within Amman. Within a context such as Amman, this means moving beyond imported versions of Westernized approaches to design and work towards establishing bottom-up and community informed designs.