The Network

“AMAKEN Placemaking” is a non-profit network acting as a platform to share knowledge, opportunities and empower its members with an interest in upgrading and managing public spaces in the Arab-World to turn them into vibrant places according to the national and international norms and standards, and preserving the local identity. AMAKEN incorporates a group of architects, urban planners, landscape architects, designers, activists, public artists, and government experts. They are facilitators and initiators of activities and programs that help the people transform spaces into places. Their experiences vary in depth and cover a wide range of specialities related to urban development. “Amaken Placemaking” is part of the global network “PlacemakingX” and works closely with Placemaking Europe Netowrk.


Our mission is to understand, promote and celebrate what makes great places and to apply these lessons to the improvement of towns and cities across the Arab world and beyond.


Places for life

Our Brochure

To download our brochure please click here for the Arabic version and here for English version.