Ahmad Abdurahem

Urban Development Specialist

• l am inspired by the Strategy of development that says "Building Human and Developing the Place", this strategy is also followed in Urban Design Protocols and Sustainability Pillars.

• Through the period of my work in Mecca and my participation in some projects that are developed in Mecca and its Suburbs, I was inspired by numerous ideas, concepts, and philosophies that contribute to achieving sustainability and strengthening the relationship between people and their place.

• From my professional experience I found that prior to developing the land we need first to empower people and mobilize communities as a key to achieve the comprehensive development; the messenger of Allah peace is upon him said: "Allah send me just for complete the noble deeds of morals.". Therefore, I am equally interested in capacity development through training courses and lectures. I work hard to build a career that aims to help society and to have the professional capability to "Building Human and Developing the Place".

• Organizations - Memberships:

– Project Management Institute Membership

– Saudi Council of Engineers. (Professional) SCE

– Egyptian Engineering Association. EEA

– Federation of Arab Engineers. FAE

– American Planning Association APA

– American Institute of Architects AIA

– American Society of Landscape Architects ASLA