Rahma Ali

Sustainble Design Specialist

Rahma Ali is an advocate for sustainable resilient cities, she has over 5 years of experience in the field of sustainable urban development. Currently, Rahma is the founder and managing director of the enterprise EcoWaste Environmental Solutions, focusing on tackling urban waste management issues through social approach by creating a comprehensive and multidisciplinary framework to address the issue. She's an advocate for circular economy practices and the importance of developing an inclusive framework for SMEs in the sector. Rahma is an Associate for Carbon Think, working as an advisor for businesses in waste management. Rahma is also the communication and PR secretary at the organization Sudan Urban Development Think Tank (SUDTT), working on urban policy topics in her country. Rahma volunteered in several sustainability driven organizations such as ArcPeace-Sudan chapter, and Sudanese Solar Energy Society (SSES), she's an Orange Corners Alumni, and Mandela Washington fellow 2022. Rahma is motivated to advocate for improving cities’ green performance in enhancing the quality of life, alongside promoting the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship to drive growth and build urban economic resilience, and accelerate the transition for greener sustainable cities.