Nermeen Dalgamoni

Assistant Professor

I currently work at the Department of City Planning and Design, Jordan University of Science and Technology. I obtained a doctoral degree in Design and Planning from the University of Colorado Denver in 2020. I also has a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Colorado Denver and a Bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering from All Al-Bayt University. My research interest focuses on regional food system planning in the Arab World and the role of smallholder farmers to achieve food sovereignty in the region. Specifically, I research how new leadership role for smallholder farmers in the food system planning could increase their participation in shaping local and regional food systems and give them greater control over their primary livelihood. I also explore equity and social justice issues to help achieve household food security and improved nutritional status for those who depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. My broader research agenda explores the importance of regional food systems planning to increase the multidimensional resilience of the city, the country, and the region to face the ongoing climate change issues.