Jumana Tarek

Student at Misr Int. University

Jumana Tarek is an undergraduate student. She grew up in Egypt and is currently attending MIU as a first-year business major. She was an IGCSE student and after completing her requirements for college, she skipped grade 12 and applied early instead of taking a gap year. She plans on majoring in marketing or finance and is very interested in learning more about placemaking and joining the community. She is always looking for opportunities to expand her knowledge and work experience post-college. She has recently started working alongside Dr. Amir Gohar and is hoping to learn from him and gain new skills that will help her post-college. She is looking to build her CV and add to her experience. She is a very hardworking individual with good time management skills that help her balance her college and work lives. She is also passionate about social issues and is outspoken with firm beliefs and takes up reading in her free time. She has ambitious goals she’d like to accomplish after graduating and plans on working towards them in the near future. She aims to network and meet new people that will help expand her knowledge through the 'Amaken' platform. 

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