Nourhan Elhalawany

PhD Candidate

I am an Egyptian Architect, and a PhD Candidate in Architectural Engineering with the Scope of Resilient Cities  “A Framework of Creative Placemaking Integration in the Built Environment for Enhancing Social Sustainability in Cairo Streets”. I obtained my M.Sc. In Architecture Design from Architecture Department in Ain Shams University Faculty of Engineering (2018) Cairo, Egypt “A Framework for Enhancing User Experience in Existing Exhibit Spaces Using Evolutionary Algorithms”. I was born and raised in Dubai, my sister and family lives in the Netherlands while my husband lives in Italy so I have always loved diverse communities with all the challenges that may appear with it, I have a big dream to make Cairo streets more livable and inclusive. For most part of my life with an architectural background I always thought I knew what people want and I can decide better for them but I had a paradigm shift and know for sure people must decide their places for themselves and that would make them better. I would like to be part of a bigger movement with many people interested in the same field so we can share our expertise and be our own crazy dreamers placemakers.