Shuruq Jaber

Government Official

Graduated in 2003 as an Architect from Birzeit University, starting from 2011 she joins the Ministry of Local Government (MOLG) as Head of Urban Planning Section and Area Coordinator of the Central West Bank area, she was responsible of the technical oversee of the preparation of greet number of spatial land uses plans and strategic development plans. She was a team member in preparing several MOLG manuals: Spatial Development Investment Planes Manuals, Urban planning Procurers manual, Roads and Transportation Planning Manual and the Handbook for Preservation & development of Cultural & Natural Heritage Sites. Starting from Nov 2017, she was assign as Technical Supervisor/Manger of the 5 years World Bank funded project “Integrated City and Urban Development” Project (ICUD), a leading project with an objective to to enhance the capacity of participating urban areas to plan for sustainable urban growth through the provision of, inter alia, technical assistance and training.
Previously worked in the field of preservation and architectural heritage with the center of Riwaq for more than 5 years and for 2 years in Jerusalem preservation.

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