Ibrahim Bahreldin

Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, King Abdulaziz University

 Dr. Ibrahim BAHRELDIN is an architect, urbanist, and educator with various educational backgrounds (architecture, human settlements, and urban design ). He was educated at the University of Khartoum (B.Sc. Hon. in Architecture), KU Leuven University (M. Architecture in Human Settlements, and Waseda University-Tokyo Japan (Ph.D. Urban and Environmental Design). Besides his formal education, Dr. Bahreldin participated in several international and regional capacity building and training programs in urban design, planning, participatory design. 

Dr. Bahreldin has more than 15 years of teaching, research, and practical experience in the field of urban design, planning, and human settlements. He has assumed the head of the Department of Planning and Urban Design at the University of Khartoum (2015-2018) and the director of the Quality Assurance Unit at the Faculty of Architecture, the University of Khartoum (2013-2015), which he joined since 2002. Dr. Bahreldin is also a member of several academic and professional organizations in Sudan and worldwide. He is a co-founder of the Sudanese Urban Planning Association (SUPA). Currently, he is teaching at the Faculty of Architecture and planning, King Abdulaziz University. 

Dr. Bahreldin has extensive experience in urban design, participatory planning, and community engagement in development projects; this was manifested in his previous involvement in several citizens-centered plans and projects in Japan and Sudan. Ibrahim’s focus is on placemaking, space production and activism, the perceptual dimension of urban design, public engagement in urban design, and environmental aspects of urban space. His academic writings, research, and teaching strategies highlight the necessity to produce meaningful -all-encompassing public places.