Rajae Haissouss

Architecture Student

Rajae is currently pursuing a M.Arch at the National School of Architecture in Rabat, Morocco. Her four years of studies helped her develop many skills and abilities regarding architectural design and urban planning. She learned from different architecture firms based in Morocco as well as discovered a whole other perspective of architecture from her volunteering work. Rajae took part in many Workshops and Competitions around the world in which she worked with multidisciplinary teams on different projects regarding sustainable architecture and urban planning, rural development and architectural heritage. She won the 3rd prize of My African Competition, as well as the finalist prize for the Neoasis Design Challenge for which her project was exhibited at the Australian Pavilion during Dubai Expo 2021, she was also among the winning team of the Youth Innovation Summit 2019. Today, she is a Member of the Africa Innovation Network, which is a think tank developing new initiatives for more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable cities in Africa such as the African Cities magazine and the African Cities Round Tour documentary series.

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