Yehya Serag


Prof. Dr. Yehya Serag is a professor of urban and regional planning in Ain Shams University in Cairo. He is also a regional and urban planning consultant with about 20 years of academic and professional experience. Since the beginning of the so called ” Arab Spring revolutions”, Prof. Serag has been interested in studying and analyzing the impacts of politics on urbanism and the built environment. Among his interests in this field: city transformation as a result of war or revolutions, urbicide: the deliberate destruction of cities and its causes, and post war/conflict reconstruction strategies. He academically worked with several students from Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Palestine in research topics related to the previous field. Professionally, Prof. Serag is a partner in the Engineering Consultant Office for Planning and Architecture, he is also a fellow of the Regional Studies Association in the United Kingdom. Prof. Serag co-founded the “Alliance for Post-Conflict Reconstruction (APOCOR)”. The members of APOCOR are of different nationalities including Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Germany. The group has adopted a methodology for post-conflict reconstruction and aims to apply it in actual project in the post-conflict cities of the Middle East.

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