The Journal of Public Space: Placemaking in Arab Cities

Placemaking is an inclusive approach to the planning, design, and management of public places by which people create and/or recreate places. In the context of Arab cities, placemaking projects are often envisaged to transform communities’ spaces into lively and attractive places; to enhance quality of life and opportunity for existing residents. It also aims to (re)create a distinct sense of place or place branding at large. Exploring how contemporary Arab cities have framed placemaking processes within the contemporary urban conditions, and sometimes the threats to the quality of the city, are helping in creating healthier, equitable, and humane public places. Such challenges and opportunities of these processes is a core component of this special edition of the Journal of Public Space.

The themed issue of Journal of Public Spaces discusses various aspects of placemaking in Arab cities, ranges from creating, enhancing, adapting and developing attractive and efficient public places in Arab Cities.  In this context, papers and viewpoints included have manifested a variety of perspectives, theories and practices of placemaking concepts, methods, recent challenges and possible solutions. They portrayed several tools on establishing and revitalizing public places starting from governmental toolkits, reaching unplanned activities fostering community engagement in placemaking.

Luisa Bravo (to the left) and Mona Helmy (to the right) while co-presenting the special issue in the WUF

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The Journal of Public Space is the first, international, interdisciplinary, academic, open access journal entirely dedicated to public space. The Journal of Public Space is Founded and Edited by:Luisa Bravo from City Space Architecture, Italy

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