Placemaking in Post-Conflict Areas

Gaza old city currently faces tremendous environmental, cultural and social challenges resulting from the rapid urbanization and ongoing societal transformation. In countries suffered from conflicts such as Palestine, it becomes clear that political and security conditions are considered as an additional factor that would accelerate deterioration process in old cities.

Introducing sustainable development planning in post-conflict situations is a crucial step for sound urban development and can contribute to creating a more stable, peaceful and prosperous society. It also allows for effective coordination of donor assistance as well as more efficient use of limited local physical, human, technical and financial resources.

The main objective of this project is to propose a practical method to achieve sustainable development in Gaza old city. The framework of proposed approach is that sustainable development is more likely to succeed depending on upgrading commercial routes and open spaces. In addition, it is suggested that Gaza old city needs a specific body (planning unit) which suggested being quasi-governmental. Applying this approach on Al-Qaisariyya a Market showed that thorough improvements on the physical elements of the urban fabric are required to enhance the commercial activities and revitalize the economic role of the old city of Gaza in the development impact on the local society. To know more about this project download the file reportr here or contact Muneer EL-Baz

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