Coffee#12 Development Public Routes as an Approach for the Revitalization of Gaza Old City | By: Muneer El-Baz

Saturday, 19th September 2020

11:00am – 12:30pm Cairo Time Via ZOOM in Arabic

Meeting ID: 850 9358 5654        Passcode: AMAKEN_20

Gaza old city faces the tremendous environmental, cultural and social challenges resulting from the rapid urbanization and ongoing societal transformation currently taking place in it like several cities in Middle East and North Africa. In countries suffered from conflicts such as Palestine, it becomes clear that an additional factor has accelerated the deterioration process in old cities; political and security conditions. These have created an atmosphere of fear and despair which has had negative impacts on the built heritage.
The main objective for this presentation is to seek for the best practical method to achieve sustainable development in Gaza old city which have exceptional situation of no-war and no-peace; this situation can disturb any planning/vision for sustainable development future.
The framework of the hypothesis is: Sustainable development for Gaza old city can success depending on upgrading public routes and open spaces more than upgrading tourism activities.

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