Coffee#24 Local Placemaking Between Promise & Performance | By: Tayseer Khairy

Based on observation, the notion of a livable vibrant public space does not really exist in Cairo in many social housing projects, However, many leftover spaces are highly potential inside many areas in the city on different scales.Avibrant public place is an inviting space 
that has open access for all. WE, Co-Design Studio, founded by Tayseer Khairy, is a social urban initiative driven by the belive of the power of people in making positive change, and building cooperative mechanisms from different disciplines to bring innovative solutions that focuses in bridging the gap between theory and practice in architecture and urban development. Under the theme of Towards vibrant places,  the project aims to transform one of the leftover spaces inside the New Cairo city in the area of the social housing project by providing a suitable and comfortable waiting area adjacent to the transportation 
means as well as a gathering space for volunteers and workers of the national Egyptian food Bank. 

Time: Dec 4, 2021 06:00 PM Cairo

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Passcode: AMAKEN2021

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