Heritage & Placemaking: The Road towards Social Resilience

The goal of this workshop is to explore the concept of placemaking and how it can be used to enhance the social resilience of the community in Tunis Village, located in Fayoum City. By implementing placemaking strategies, we can improve the quality of life for residents and strengthen their ability to adapt to social and economic changes. To achieve this, we propose to revitalize public spaces in Tunis Village using locally sourced materials and cultural traditions. This approach has the potential to take the community’s urban resilience to a new level.

In light of these objectives, we can pose several questions. How can we redesign public spaces to reflect the cultural identity of Tunis Village and enhance the well-being of its residents? Can this effort also create new employment opportunities and social connections, not only for the people of Tunis Village but also for neighboring communities? Furthermore, what exactly is meant by the terms “placemaking” and “social resilience”?

So, in this workshop, 16 students will be divided into 3 groups to undertake 3 major aspects:

  • Urban aspect.
  • Architectural aspect.
  • Social aspect.

Workshop Main Coordinator: Randa A. Mahmoud

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